AutoChrome is a technique which through isolating the chrome elements of an automobile defines the entire vehicle in the eyes of  the viewer-thus creating a true interactive and personally intense relationship. The part defines the whole.

This is a new technique – one not previously employed to define automotive art. It requires very high quality photographic images which are used to assemble the final rendering. The success of the finished piece depends on many hours of meticulous building of countless layers. Each image is a true original.

While some of the automobiles come from noted automobile museums such as the Petersen Automobile Museum in Los Angeles, CA, the Laars Anderson Automobile Collection in Newton, MA, and the Imperial Palace Collection in Las Vegas, NV, others were captured on the streets, auto lots or in salvage yards.

These cars harken from the Golden Days of Automobiles, from massive sculptures on wheels to nimble sports cars to muscle cars-evoking the days of glory. They are part of the fabric of our lives and ride forever upon the roads of our memories.